Still Water Damage is a reputed company that offers some of the best mold removal and water damage services in the country. We are committed and determined to make sure that we serve all our customers with diligence and professionalism levels that have never being experienced before in Grand Rapids Water Damage Restoration Team of experts.

The team works round the clock making sure that all questions that our personnel might have regarding our services are responded to in less than thirty minutes. Over the years, this capability to respond to messages fast has enabled us to actually offer timely services to our customers when hurricanes and unexpected downpour take place in the various parts of the world.

We are proud to be the only licensed company to offer both water damage and mold removal services concurrently. The team has being vetted and the regulatory teams from the government periodically monitor the manner in which we operate to determine if we are still conforming to the stipulated rules and obligations of a water damage service company.

The success that we have so far achieved would not have being possible without the help our personnel. In spite of the fact that they join the company with the necessary skills and qualifications, we have taken upon ourselves to actually train them so as to handle the modern and rising water damage incidents. They are committed to providing the best water damage no matter the countless challenges that we face when doing so.

We have also decided to provide a comprehensive insurance cover to all our customers to ensure that they are always getting quality services and in case of any accidents or unforeseen occurrences, they get compensated in full. The insurance company that we work with understand our demands and have done their best to come up with policies that best services our customers and the new clients.

We are not only offering the services in the residential realm but also in the corporate world. Companies hire us to protect their building from water damage by carrying out feasibility studies that uncover any loopholes that water could use to reign havoc in the building. We also have a plan that we use to offer our water damage services to our customers. This plan is well executed and has being instrumental in making sure that we deliver consistent and quality services to our customers.

The customer care team is best known for offering excellent support to our customers. They are quite response to emails and calls and as mentioned earlier you can use social media to get in touch with them. This team is connected to the technical team and this ensures that all queries are responded to within the shortest time possible.

Get in touch with us today for understand the many water damage and mold removal services that we offer.