About Us

Still Water Marina Pros is an international company that offers both water damage and mold restoration services. The company is run solely by a team of professionals who are well trained on how to carry out the various activities and this is a plus for us since we are able to ensure that we offer quality services to all our customers.

The mold damage services are offered using the latest technology and we have one of most convenient and affordable systems in place to make sure that we serve our customers with the best possible degree of urgency and professionalism.

The team is trained on what to do when they come across various water damage cases and this has over the years enabled us to get ahead of the competition and remain at the helm of the industry.

The safety standards that we use when offering both mold and water damage restoration services ensure that we serve our customers and protect their items from any form of damage and this make us the top rated water damage company in the world.

We also have a response team that works throughout the day and night making sure that each client is responded to within the shortest time possible. This team has being so far instrumental in assisting us offer emergency water damage and mold removal services.

Call us today for more insights about the services that we offer and why you should trust us with your next project.